Our story

DL Bookstore was founded in February of 2018. It was started to help authors publish, market, and sell their books. We ensure that readers enjoy the best and most affordable books. 

Our vision is to make it easy for authors to publish their books and that, book readers get the best and affordable books. We envision befriending everyone with books.

Core Values

We believe that by striving for excellence in our character and our code, we can build a deep level of trust with our customers, and help them publish, market, and sell their books. Our cultural norms which guide us to uniquely serve our customers are;

Deliver wow! to the customer.

To every author whom we work with and every book reader who buys books from our store, we leave a smile that lasts

Play, as a team.

At our store, team spirit binds us together.  We work and think as a team.

Deliver results.

We talk less and deliver what is needed by our customers.  Every day we choose to go above and beyond what’s expected and provide more value to our customers.

Be creative.

We embrace creativity in everything we do.  We always look at how the best we can offer, relentlessly maintaining a high standard.

Meet our team