Terms of Service

We recommend that you read these Terms of Services for further reference.

1. Scope. The following Terms and Conditions will apply exclusively to the current and future business relationships between DL Bookstore (“DL Bookstore”) and you (“you” or the “customer”). Any additional or inconsistent terms issued by you, including any such terms and conditions set forth on a purchase order provided by you, shall not be binding upon DL Bookstore unless DL Bookstore gives its express agreement in writing

2. Entire Agreement. Any quotation or price information made available by DL Bookstore is without obligation and subject to change without notice unless an offer has been designated as binding. Oral understandings between you and DL Bookstore will require written confirmation by DL Bookstore and a contract between you and DL Bookstore will only become valid when it has been accepted in writing by DL Bookstore (e.g., confirmation of the order, which will be final). You and DL Bookstore each owe a duty to each other co-operate in order to give full effect to your agreement

3. Payment. 50% down payment is required upon agreement and prior to the execution of the activities. All payments shall be received through the following payment gateways; Equity Bank: 3002111581947 [Daudi Lubeleje], Lipa Kwa Simu (TIGO): 17665477 [DL Bookstore], NMB Bank: 40810074370 [Daudi Lubeleje], CRDB Bank: 0152905311200 [Daudi Lubeleje]

4. Final work. We shall share with you the draft(s) of the work until we get the final agreed work. This shall apply to cover design and layout design

5 (a) Post-changes of your work. Once we deliver the final agreed work, any changes that will come thereafter, you shall be liable to pay 50% of the original price and a 25% down payment shall be paid before we do those changes. 

(b) With the exception of the plus package (Refer to the package here) in cover design and the advanced look layout in layout design (Refer to the package here), we shall work on your changes once, and then, part (a) shall apply

6. Completion of work. Refer to the table below for the number of days that shall be taken to complete the work

Type of work Number of days (business working days)
Cover design 2 – 7 days
Layout design 2 – 7 days
Editing 1 – 2 months*
Translation 1 – 2 months*
Printing 2 – 7 days

*This is to ensure that we have enough time to deliver the finest work as expected. The number of days shall be less than stated depending on the total number of pages your book has.

7. Printing. Upon receiving your manuscript, we shall immediately start printing your book. This shall take up to 7 business working days. (Refer to No. 6 above)

8. Updates. We shall weekly update you with the progress of your work. Even though, anytime you free to enquire about your work you can do so.

9. Delivery. For parcel delivery, you shall be charged a delivery fee which shall not exceed TZS 15000, unless you arrange the delivery for yourself. This shall only apply to customers outside the Arusha region.

10. Export. Print-ready PDF of work shall be shared right in your email.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.

Effective Date: March 07, 2022